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We are a small family dedicated to growing 100% organic food!

Healthy Family Organics was started in 2011. Our mission is simple: providing our customers with 100% organic food! To do this, we own, grow, and operate a fully organic farm. We focus on giving our customers food closest to the way Mother Earth grows it. That means there are non-GMO, no chemicals, no preservatives, and no ingredients you don’t recognize.

Our promise to you

Nothing is more critical than the food you consume, but with so many organic brands on the market, it’s not always clear who to trust. Many companies tout their organic certification, only to turn around and provide their customers with inorganic, mixed, and blended food products.

You deserve better.

You deserve not just organic branding, but 100% organic. You deserve personal promises from family farms, instead of empty words from faceless aggregators. You deserve a direct line to the people who grow your food, and honest answers to your questions and concerns. You deserve accountability.

The following are our promises to you, buyers of Healthy Family Organics products, the lifeblood of our company. We are publishing them here so that you (and everyone else) will know exactly what can be expected from my company. If ever we don’t stay true to these promises, we expect and hope to held accountable by our customers.‍

  1. Our food quality is actually our #1 priority
    Trite? Maybe. But at Healthy Family Organics, we actually mean it. Everything at our farm is 100% organic. We own the farm on which we grow your food, we try hard to find and use non-GMO seeds, we grow the food ourselves, and wherever possible, we buy processing machines and process your food in-house. Simply put, we word hard to keep everything as organic as possible. We promise every decision we make has that singular goal in mind.

  2. We're in this for the long haul
    It's harder than ever to trust food brands these days. They seemingly came up overnight, they own no farms to speak of, seemingly have no owner, have no history of how they have so much organic food to sell, and their only quality check is that the farmer they buy products from have obtained organic certification. We are disappointed by this trend, which is why my we grow everything by ourselves and do not aggregate. That means that no there is no mixing/adulteration that can occur with your food. We promise that your food at Healthy Family Organics is wholely organic and we will not sacrifice that quality to increase scale and size. We plan on running this company for many years, as we also consume the same food that we grow and sell.

  3. We are zealous about “organic-ness”
    In a market filled with organic certification, we find it hard to believe that, given the extremely low produce volume, aggregation companies are able to actually sell 100% organic food. The extremely low plant yields (10x lower than food grown with fertilizer), the 3 months to 1 year harvest waiting periods, and the brutal delivery logistics from small farms to big cities, don’t lead to food rot. For this reason, we largely avoid selling fruits and vegetables*, and only sell food that remains fresh over long periods of time.

    *Note: We sell mangoes. Our large plantation allows us to have large weekly harvests. Weekly shipments and immediate sales, make selling mangoes in Mumbai and Pune viable..

  4. All natural ingredients
    Organically certified peanut butters and chocolate spreads on the market tend to have saturated fats, large amounts of sugar, palm oil, refined oils, and natural flavors. We are surprised that these products pass for “organic”. Our peanut butter, for instance, has only one ingredient: peanuts.

  5. We are serious about being 100% Organic
    There are tons of commonplace underhanded tactics that we could use to try to get increase produce volume. We could buy any contaminated land, wait the bare minimum of three years required to call it organic and then sell “organic food”. We could buy land, get it certified organic, and buy from just about anyone willing to sell to us, because there are no cross-checks. We don’t do any of these things because we hate when other companies do it to us. We promise we’ll never do anything that we think will comprise our food’s ‍organic-ness.

We are fully aware that these promises are just words on a web page, and that words are empty without actions. We invite you to try our produce, and if you feel we aren't living up to these promises, to hold us accountable. Call us out. Tell us what we're doing wrong. And tell everyone else that we're not to be trusted.

If you still have concerns, or if you'd just like to chat and get to know us, don't hesitate to get in touch ( Go ahead and put us to the test. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Aarushi Bansal

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