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Facing declining health and a host of medical issues, Aarushi decided to change her lifestyle and moved to the family's farm in District Raigad, 4 hour's drive from Mumbai. The clean air, natural groundwater, serene environment, and organically grown food at the farm led to a massive improvement in her health.    
She decided to work on the farm that allowed her to offer farm produce in its purest form to family, friends and overtime to our patrons. Managing a farm, producing low-quantity, high-quality organic food, the same food she and her family themselves consume, was a challenge that she took up because of her passion for good, clean unadulterated nutritious food.  
Life at the farm was not easy for Aarushi having lived in the cities all her life. Leaving aside some cultivable areas, almost the entire farm was for all practical reasons a jungle. The undulating land parcels in the konkan had never been tamed or cultivated. Everywhere the ivy vines of all types had taken over the vast absolute virgin areas. Some clumps of trees stood out as oddities. Existing trees got a new lease of life while saplings were planted depending on the soil and terrain. 


It is a joy to care for the trees, especially the young trees are like your babies, which will survive beyond our lifetimes. Trees require very little care and offer so much other than their beauty.  Spraying chemicals is like subjecting trees to torture and shortening their life spans.   

 While planting the trees and crops, she was often advised that using fertilizers and pesticides would increase the plant yields by 10x and that there was no other way of managing a farm. Growing food naturally was just not a viable business proposition. However, fighting against convention and trying to grow everything organically, she found answers, among other things, in Vrikshya-Ayurveda.  


Combining the knowledge wresting with the locals at the farm worker level and the agriculture & horticulture experts, she was able to capture the entire process of production and processing using traditional Indian agriculture practices. Grinding turmeric on stone, to preserve natural nutrients and flavour and the importance of pollination to get the output, especially for Mango, are the kind of insights that she continues to discover. It is a process of discovery. So much to discover.  

Aarushi believes in providing quality first and foremost and sees that as the unique selling point. It allows her to offer farm produce in its purest form to all our patrons, which is so hard to find. Every season brings with it a new set of challenges. It’s a journey that Aarushi truly enjoys, living and working on the farm, discovering so many aspects of Mother Earth. 


Compared to other organic food companies, who carry organic "aggregator" certificates but not organic "grower" or "processor" certificates, Heathy Family Organics is in the 
process of getting Indian organic grower and processor certifications.   
As is ascertainable, Healthy Family Organics grows and processes all the produce on its farms. To ensure quality, there is no outsourcing or aggregation, and at no stage is Healthy Family Organics involving any other farm or farmer.   

We offer only what we grow ourselves. 

Please feel free to visit our farms at any time of the year. We have arrangements for a comfortable overnight stay. The address is mentioned on the Contact Us form. 

The farms are in the Konkan area, on the coast of the Arabian Sea. 

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